Monday, July 28, 2014

night of the OC Fair

the day starts off with an extra hour in the gym to treat myself to some deep fried oreos 
relaxing at the beach with my friends planning outfit ideas
and some coffee to go then straight to 
the fair!
this year we had a small group go up to the OC fair. it was such a fun time riding rides, photo booths, deep fried goodness and just messing around 

Tim missing his Pennsylvanian lady so Branden is there to hold his hand 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

catching up

its been a fun couple of weeks
summer has really set in, but I have been a busy bee
work, beach, workout, friends, youth group, church, maybe some sleep 
and all over again
this week is super special because...
its VBS the best week of summer. I love my kids and love all the messages we have prepared for them
Jesus loves you
awww these kids, their little smiles and their little hearts for Jesus makes me smile from ear to ear

watching.gossip girl l. I have been watching all of the seasons over again and love it (for the 4th time)
excited. about this week, VBS is my favorite
loving. my sweet, sweet friends. and summer weather.
obsessed. with the bachelorette right now.... i thought i was team josh but now im lovin the farmer
craving. an acia bowl from banzai mmhhh
enjoying. the warm weather to wear shorts shorts shorts and tanks
wondering. about the future... relationships if they will continue, and just everything
laughing. because i giggle all day long
wishing. my friends and I didn't work so much so we can go on adventures.... oh dream life
wearing. work out clothes cause 1)j ust went running 2) they are comfy
drinking. water, trying to drink 100oz everyday... SO much harder than I thought 
wanting. taco Tuesday..... but no it has to be Wednesday
looking. for clothes for cheap since well im a poor college student 
waiting. for a special someone to get off work
thinking. that i seriously need a shower 
feeling. excited to see my kiddos tomorrow and to see Mitchell tonight
smiling. at the beauty of life.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

God Bless America "MERica"

it was a cheerful day for the 4th
the annual beach day at Crystal Cove was such a blast with the crew
a day filled with goofy pictures, sun, the warm water, modeling shots and the bungee
ending the night meeting with Mitchell (had to work all day) and his family and family friends to watch the fireworks over the harbor

and then there is Phil

and now the modeling shots....

Thursday, June 26, 2014

another day on the lake part 2

so we do go to the lake house a lot
some of the best memories are made there
Mitch and I have become knee boarding acrobatics 
and not to mention my desire to become pro in wake boarding ;)