Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Dessert Guide

Cant believe it is almost thanksgiving! How crazy. 
This year I decided to post what I am making for dessert early because I am so excited about it.
It is from the blog freutcake, which I love!
They are mini caramel apple pies that are to die for, my stomach is already growling for them

Friday, November 14, 2014

the best surprise of my life

this past weekend was Mitchell's 21st birthday!!!!! super exciting. 
For his birthday present I got him a super slick Fossil watch (snaps for jay) and I contacted all his family and friends and had them write birthday letters to him. I put them all together in a scrapbook with pictures and such, it was really fun to put together and so awesome looking when it was all done. 
The night before his birthday I was talking with him asking if there was any way of me visiting him on his birthday. I kept telling him I felt like the worst girlfriend ever not seeing you and such. I was for sure being that annoying girlfriend back at home wanting to see her boyfriend. I asked him over and over like "what if I drove up for the day" "what if I came for like a couple days" "I want to see you" blah blah blah. And he kept saying things like, "well I have midterms on my birthday I am super busy" "this weekend I am busy with stuff" "I guess you can come". I kept getting the feeling of why does he not want me up there? does he not want to see me? whats going on?!?!! this sucks. 
So I wasn't in the best mood. 
I was sad and confused. 
So on his birthday day I didn't have class but had TONS of homework and things to study. Thursday is Hannah,  Franny, and Jasmine day. We usually do homework or shop or something. They don't get out of class until 3ish so I spent the morning working out, homework and being moody about Mitchell. The girls wanted to go take pictures and I did not want to what so ever. I kept saying cant we just do a beach walk? And they were saying no just bring your camera and a cute outfit. Me being in comfy clothes I had no desire to get ready. But then I thought if we ended up taking pictures then I will be mad if I am not in them or if I look like poop so I decided to suck it up and look cute. When I got to Hannah's we did homework and just hungout. I changed back into sweats and was studying hard. I was getting really hungry and was confused on why the girls weren't talking about eating dinner. And then I got kinda excited thinking that we never took pictures hehe. 
SO then (this is the juicy part)

The girls and I started to dance to music as a study break and I hear this voice say
"well hey guys"
and as I turned my heart dropped, I looked away and then looked back
I almost peed my pants.
He was like well come here!!! I was in shock. I ran and jumped on him. I would hug him then push him back saying "I dont understand, how are you here" I was a complete wreck, shaking and all. I just couldn't believe it. After Mitchell's midterm he drove down from Santa Barbara to celebrate with his friends on his birthday!!!!!!!!
It was the coolest thing someone has ever done for me. 
SO it all made sense when the girls wanted to take pictures, since they wanted me to bring cute cloths and look pretty. 
Me in comfy clothes and such I got ready really quick and we went out to dinner with all our friends!!! Mitchell had this whole plan to drive down, surprise me, all go to dinner, and spend the weekend at home. I cant even put into words how amazing it was. It was the best weekend I have EVER have. I love that boy so much, and feel so blessed to be dating my best friend. 
goodness I am just filled with love 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

trick or treat

since college started I assumed that on events or Holidays like Halloween there will be something SO fun to do.
High school I always had the best time, dressing up, going to fun parties at friends house, maybe even a little trick or treating for some free candy, you name it, it was fun.
Then college happen and my first Halloween wasn't the most exciting time, even though it was fun. Mitchell and I dressed up, had the most amazing chili ever at his house, drove around in his golf cart while we watched his little sister and her friends trick or treat then ended up in a parking lot with Hannah and Olivia dancing while Mitchell fell asleep in the car..
Then I knew next year would be different, we would do something crazy fun.
Mitchell and I dressed up (matching this time) and had the chili at his house which is always so yummy then went to our college group from church. Which was fun, kinda boring but fun
but then I knew that this year would be THE BEST, third time is a charm right?
Franny and I dressed up as punk rockers which was so fun. Thanks Hilary Duff for singing "a girl can rock" it got us going. Then the two of us and Hannah and Nathan all drove us to Long Beach state to go to a christian fraternity party. It was fun but we ended up sitting by the food, eating, and just making a fool of ourselves by dancing weirdly. 
 Halloweens in my book haven't had the greatest luck. But its all how you make it. And being with my best friends and just being super silly made it so much fun. 
Missed Mitchell this year while he is up at UCSB, and I know he probably had a crazy time hahah. 
But for next year, oh it will be so fun. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pumpkin Carvings

Our traditional fall festives are finally coming out! Something me and my best friends love to do is festive things during the holidays. This year we went out to find a pumpkin patch (fail, they should really keep them open past 10pm) and headed to the store to buy some pumpkin and some pumpkin cookies. The night was so fun craving, eating pumpkin seeds and just goofing around.
and take a look at Olivia's pumpkin.. she should win the state award for pumpkin carvings 

Friday, October 31, 2014

domain change

hey everyone I am sad to say but my domain name is no longer going to be simplyjayblog.com
due to me being a poor college student I am taken this out of my expenses hahaha. it just had to be done. BUT its all good cause....

it will go back to 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Stritz!!!!!!! {wedding bliss}

dear friends of mine just got married this past weekend! crazy I know. 
Luke Stritz has been one of Mitchell's best friends since birth. There is a family friends group that the Hadleys are in and they are all best friends. so Mitchell was in the wedding which my heart beat so fast when I saw him standing up with all the groomsmen hehee. 
The wedding was absolutely amazing. I cant even put into words how beautiful, fun and gorgeous it was. Ashley did such an amazing job with the whole look. She has the best eye! So the night was probably the best night of my life. Started with the most beautiful ceremony EVER, then yummy food and drinks and then yes lots of fun dancing. 
so congrats to the lovely couple that I love so much! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

U..C..LLLL..A. UCLA fight fight fight

this past weekend Hannah and I decided to be UCLA college students and go to there football game vs Utah (sorry all my Utah friends). 
we cheered
we acted crazy
and we looked at each other most of the time saying "why are we here"
but that must of been our stomachs talking because it was a bumpy road getting there with traffic and we had no time to eat 
and you do don't want to see Hannah and I hungry...
but overall it was such a fun time to visit Hannah's boyfriend and be a couple of UCLA students for the weekend
weekends with my best friend are just the best