Tuesday, September 30, 2014

i miss my best friend

so it took me a couple days to write this since it was hard to stop crying and type so its been a draft for a couple days.....

Mitchell left for UCSB on Sunday and I am just getting over being a "wreck"
Mitchell is my best friend, my partner in crime, my adventure buddy and so much more. I am so use to seeing him every day and being with his family all the time also. We have been so blessed to live so close to one another these past two years and I think I am just so use to him being only 10 minutes away. Even though he is three hours away its so different. He is off at a new place, experiences new things and learning to live out of home. I am so so so happy for him don't get me wrong, I think its so awesome! It is just hard for me since I am at home doing the same ole same ole missing him and he is busy doing stuff. But dental school is a lot and I work lots too so im trying to be a busy bee.
Its going to be different and its going to be a challenge but I know God has a plan and I can rest in His embrace knowing that I have a great God with a loving plan. 
And I know I might sound crazy since well he is only three hours away, but I doesn't change how different the next two years will be. 
AND everyone says "distance makes the heart grow fonder" yuck. I know its true but still YUCK. When he study abroad in Europe that's all I was told... hahahha

I love him lots and I cant wait to see him in a couple weeks

that one time i was on the Ellen Degeneres Show

well in the seats 
BUT I got tickets for the Ellen Show and went on Tuesday the 23rd!
it was such an adventure
and let me tell you, I have waited years to get these tickets and they finally came in!

Mitchell picked me up early Tuesday morning and we gabbed I Love Bagels which is one of our favorite breakfast grabs and headed on the 5 freeway to go to Hollywood! We were able to walk around Hollywood Blvd to see the stars and just people watch, it was so fun since I had never done that. Next we made our way to the Ellen Show! It was a long process to wait in line and wait to go in the studio! Though, the people that worked there made it super fun by being so nice and playing games. Once we were in the studio it was SO SO SO cool to see it in person, the lights and cameras were so fascinating. We got stellar seats by the end of the aisle. We danced, we laughed, we clapped and we got to see Ellen! The guest she had were Eric Stonestreet from Modern family, this famous little boy that plays the cello, this one guy that I can not remember his name (ooppsss) and a performance from Kiesza!!!!!!! Mitchell and I had such a fun time. After we headed back home for our usual Taco Tuesday date. Boy it was such a great day.

It was such an adventure, and I couldn't of imagined spending the day with anyone else. Micthell and I do such fun, random, adventurous stuff and I love it, its what I enjoy and its also what he enjoys. I always tease saying we are the couple that does the fun stuff ;)
As he leaves for school in a couple days I have been trying to plan and do fun stuff, trying to get my mind off that he leaves.....

Monday, September 15, 2014

billabong wetsuit

repping my new wetsuit from billabong that I love so so much
the colors are so fun and the fit is so so great
wetsuit:Billabong (similar style)
"Sunday mornings are for coffee, some surf down at doho and the Lord"

Thursday, September 11, 2014

21st Birthday

cant believe the day came that I turned 21
I want to thank everyone that made me feel so loved with the nice comments and shout outs!
I had the best day! Mitchell came and picked me up, we got breakfast burritos in Laguna and then took me on a mini road trip on PCH. stopping at the state beaches, playing fun music, playing games and so much more! it was such a blast. then we had dinner at Happa Js in San Clemente with the crew. 
I couldn't of thought of a better way to celebrate!
dinner was a funny/awkward/great/yummy time. when ordering my first drink I was super nervous cause I got a "sex on the beach" since well everyone told me it was super sweet and tasted like a Slurpee so I was all for it! and our waitress was so sweet and when she looked at my ID so was all "ahh happy birthday!!!" 
and then I got to have a free beer! 
so through my awkwardness and such I still feel like a little kid but 
hello world, Im 21

Monday, September 1, 2014

lovely mornings

 boys go to surf
girls hang and watch
best way to start off the day
we had a day double date of surfing, breakfast burritos, skate park, jacuzzi, movie and panda 
yeap it was awesome
when if the tide came up and soaked us, my camera, my math book and our phones..... but its all aok

Sunday, August 31, 2014

a girl name Fran

another birthday celebration came my way when one of my best friends Fran turned 20!
she is the bomb.com ill tell yah
she is someone the has the sweetest, funniest, coolest personalities and a big heart for Jesus
she is the best to be with and our fun never ends
I love this girl big time

we had a little bonfire for her and it was such a blast! we ate, we danced and we threw a cupcake in her face
what a night 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Katies Singin 21st

now its the time when all of our friends are going to be 21
now we are adults
now its going to be weird being so old
and I cant wait

the other night we celebrated Katies birthday down at a karaoke place and I have decided what my calling is in life
just kidding but it was such a blast!
happy happy 21st Katie!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

dental hygiene college do's and dont's

my first week is finally over! 
for those who didnt know I got accepted into West Coast University for a degree in Dental Hygiene so I am in the bachelor of sciences of dental hygiene program!

my Thursday night class ends at 11pm and that means that the weekend has started
its been a bummer having school when the weather has been perfect but oh well
as im typing I thought I can share some do's and dont's to this place so far

`leave your house to get on the 5 north at 8am cause the whole world is on there too
`expect to get parking on Mondays cause again the whole world is trying to get parking as well
`forget your ID card cause you dont want to wear the silly elastic string thing to class cause you will not get inside he building
`think that going back to school at 5pm on the freeway is any better 
`forget coffee and a snack to your 6pm - 11pm class

`watch the fireworks at disneyland on your night class break cause it is awesome 
`get to know Juan the parking lot guard cause if he likes you he will save a spot for you
`be that super organized girl with color coated everything cause classes get pretty crazy 
`use a backpack 
`have lots of water, snacks and starbucks coffee in the car cause you just never know
`use the student lounge cause they have everything.... like everything

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

bye bye summer

I think the reason why it took me a while to write this was because 
1) I dont want summer to end
2)school just started 
3)I dont want summer to end

I had such an amazing summmer and so thankful for al the fun I had. Now the time has come for new adventures and a new chapter in my life. 
I got into dental hygiene school!!!!!!!
I started on Monday and it was great.
I cant wait to blog more about it as time goes on, Im so thankful for this new chapter God has placed for me!

But lets take a step back and look on my last moments of summer..
It was filled with
beach days
movie nights
taco Tuesday
Ashleys bridal shower
lake house days
creepin on Mitchell at work
&& adventures 

Trying to find pictures to post was hard cause well, I didnt take too many (weird for me I know)
I went through this not having my phone on me all the time taking pictures thing for a while and it felt great! But not I wish I had more photos to show... 

SO long sweet sweet summer. It was the best. Summer is my favorite. I will stay strong and not shed a tear. So thankful for the beautiful weather and the fun times and fellowship God gave and now I cant wait for next year ;)

Friday, August 8, 2014

river trip 2k14

summer is sadly coming to an end soon and its the last moments that we have with our friends before they leave for school. most of us go to school in California but two friends (kyle and tim) go to school in Georgia and Virginia. Charlie was sweet enough to let 11 of us all go to his river house in Parker, Arizona and boy was it fun. we had the best time on the lake wake boarding, wake surfing, cliff jumping and so much more. 
one of my favorite times of this summer by far
-warning loads of pictures coming your way-

 then the good ole model shots from the "daammmnn"